Email Marketing Tweaks That Made A $30K Difference…

These days, we’re all bombarded by hundreds of emails and thousands of marketing messages a day.

So it’s way harder as a business owner to cut through all that noise and really connect with your customers.

The thing is, email works really really well if you do it right. 

Even now, in 2020, email marketing still generates the highest ROI of 3800% – much higher than pretty much any other marketing strategy.

And email marketing is even more useful at a time when other platforms like Facebook and Google have both been rolling out updates and changes to their algorithms, causing havoc for many advertisers.

So in this episode, I’m going to share some email marketing tweaks that made a $30,000 difference in my bottom line. 

This happened at a time of year in my first business (a modern cloth nappy, or diaper, brand) that was traditionally a sales trough. Christmas time when you don’t sell gift products can be tough! 

At the time, I knew there were aspects of my email marketing strategy that at the time needed a bit of a facelift.

  • I wanted more people to open my emails,
  • I wanted more people to take action from my emails – to click through to the website,
  • And I absolutely wanted to generate more revenue from my email marketing.

Whenever you want to reach a new goal, you know some parts of your marketing strategy are going to have to change.

Listen as I share tips on how to persuade more people to open your emails, click to your website and buy.

Listen now.

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Email Marketing Tweaks That Made A $30K Difference…