With Kristy Rigby from Babiators Australia

How To Build A Premium Brand

Learning how to build a lucrative, profitable business without the need for constant discounting is the holy grail of business I reckon!

And it’s not something that comes easily or naturally to many.

I see SO many online stores and brands reaching for discounts and incentives on a constant basis. Because it’s the only way they know how to generate a hit of sales.

Then when the promotion ends, the sales drop right back down. And that feels scary, like no-one will buy from you without that incentive in place.

But it doesn’t need to be like that! 

As Kristy shares, learning exactly who her ideal customers are, what customers value and how to communicate that to them, is absolutely key. 

Listen as Kristy shares exactly how to build a premium brand, without the need for constant discounting. 

We also discuss things like:

  • What do you do when things stop working? How do you get past that and keep growing? 
  • Numerous examples of strategies that have worked really well to help Kristy grow her 7-figure business.
  • And much much more…

I recommend grabbing a pen and notepad for this episode! Kristy shares so many nuggets of gold – I know you will want to take notes 🙂 

Listen now.

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How To Build A Premium Brand