With Chelsea Papadopoulos, Tiptoe & Co

Automate, Systemise & Outsource: Building A Hands-Off Ecommerce Store

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with clients on their marketing planning to see out the rest of 2020 and then into 2021. 

And when it comes to planning, I like to start with a ‘vivid vision’ exercise: What would you like to achieve in your business in 3-5 years time? 

It’s a useful exercise to repeat every year too. It’s easy to get bogged down into our day-to-day work, trying to get stuff done and tick things off our to-do list. 

And I guess we always have a vague idea in our mind of where we’re heading, so our head immediately turns to strategy and that never-ending to-do list… 

But not being super clear on your vision means you could accidentally grow your business into something you don’t really like or want.

The fact is – not everyone wants global domination or a billion dollar business. 

Some people would really love to have a profitable, flexible lifestyle business.

A business that fits in around their family, or that doesn’t lock them into a corporate job they don’t love. 

Some people want to have a side hustle that generates extra income for the family.

And others want a business that gives them the location-freedom to travel. 

If that’s you, then tune in to this episode where I’m joined by my guest Chelsea Papdopoulos from shoe boutique Tiptoe and Co.

Listen as Chelsea shares her business journey, from start-up to now running her profitable, flexible, lifestyle business.

Listen now.

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Automate, Systemise & Outsource: Building A Hands-Off Ecommerce Store