My Top 10 eCommerce Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them)

This year in 2020, we’ve seen incredible growth in eCommerce transactions. Thanks to COVID-19, more and more shoppers have shifted their spending from in-store to online. 

But, exciting as that is, it doesn’t mean that you can just throw up a website and expect to make a million bucks. 

Sadly – running an online store requires a bit more than that…

Getting your online store converting sales and offering your customers a great experience is essential if you want to see sales growth.

Yet, so often I see online stores making these 10 common eCommerce mistakes. And it’s costing them $$ in lost revenue! 

Don’t stress – I’ll walk you through each of them step by step, and help you to avoid them. (Or overcome them if you’ve inadvertently made one of them…)

Listen now.

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My Top 10 eCommerce Mistakes & How To Avoid Them