When you started your business, did you secretly think that running an eCommerce store would be easy?

I’m sure I did. It’s many years ago now, but I know I was naïve to the ways of business. I thought I could throw up a website, and people would flock over and buy my products like a bunch of women at a shoe sale!

I would be rolling in it! I thought. Hahahahahahaha….

In reality, running a thriving, profitable eCommerce store needs work. And with worldwide eCommerce sales due to reach over 4,000 billion dollars by 2020 (Statistica), we wanna be one of those money-making-machines, right?

But in order to achieve that, you gotta get good at marketing.

In today’s episode, I’m going to discuss 5 really common marketing mistakes I see eCommerce stores make all the time, and what you should do instead.

From not knowing who your ideal customer is and why they buy…

To messing up your email marketing (the marketing channel with THE highest ROI!)

From ignoring your existing customers…

To poorly designed websites that just don’t convert. (Did you know that the AVERAGE conversion rate for eCommerce websites is only 2%?!)

Are you making any of these mistakes? 

Then you want to learn the 3 core pillars for every successful eCommerce business!

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