My Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best eCommerce Platform

Today I want to talk through a topic that is really fundamental to eCommerce: choosing the best website platform to build your online store on. 

I see these questions being asked in Facebook groups ALL the time!

“What’s the best website platform?”

“Which platform is better? Shopify or WordPress / Squarespace / Wix / Something else”

And then, there’s the myths that exist. Like, “I’m too big for Shopify”, or “Shopify is terrible for SEO.”

So what IS the best choice (for you)?

I see a lot of people making mistakes with this choice, either from poor advice or ignorance about what difference it makes, or thinking that all platforms do the same thing and choosing the cheapest one is a prudent decision. 

Your website is the vehicle through which you do business. 

Choosing well will enable you to grow your business efficiently and effectively. While choosing poorly is not necessarily the end of the world – it’s entirely possible to shift to another platform, people do this all the time, but this isn’t the easiest, fastest or cheapest exercise.

Listen as I share exactly how to figure out the best platform for your business.

I’ll share my experiences as an eCommerce brand owner, as well as my experience producing websites during my career in digital agencies.

From the core objectives of your eCommerce website, to the different types of platforms you can consider, to the specific functionality you need, we’ll cover all the factors you should consider before making your choice.

Listen now.

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My Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Best eCommerce Platform