With Photographer, Prue Aja

10 Practical Photography Tactics to Boost Your Conversions

Want to learn the fastest way to attract your ideal customer’s attention?

Well, I’m sure you’re all familiar with that old saying, “A picture tells a thousand words”. I mean, we all know that right?

Visual communication is as old as time. Our cavemen ancestors would communicate by drawing pictures on the walls. Even now, as babies we see and understand well before we can speak, let alone read or write.

The same goes for selling products online. Effective non-verbal communication is absolutely essential if you want to sell more products.

In fact – your images really do the heavy lifting when it comes to selling products online

Our brains process images many times faster than text. 

Images quickly affect our emotions, and…

We make most of our purchase decisions based on emotion!

Today on the Podcast I’m joined with professional photographer, Prue Aja. 

We discuss things like:

  • What is a styled brand photoshoot?
  • Why do you need one?
  • How do you brief a photographer so you get the images you want?
  • The difference between images created by a professional photographer and a brand rep. 
  • The different image formats you might need and where you’d use them.
  • How to avoid disaster or disappointment with your photoshoot.
  • Whether you need to be personally present at your photoshoot.

Listen now as we cover 10 practical photography tips that’ll boost your eCommerce sales.

Listen now.

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10 Practical Photography Tactics to Boost Your Conversions