My guest today is Sarah Henney, founder of Outback Linen Co, which is what I would call a women’s fashion label with heart. 

Sarah only launched her label less than two years ago, but it’s almost exploded in the time since.

How on earth has she managed to launch her business with such a bang, and grow it so rapidly? And do it whilst raising two very young children and whilst living in rural Queensland? 

There are two things in particular that I want you to listen to in this interview. 

Firstly, the way Sarah has really built this brand around a very strong purpose and uses storytelling to connect with her audience. 

And secondly, her marketing strategy, and the way she creates and shares her marketing content combined with having the right campaign structures and budgets to hit her revenue targets. 

So she’s not simply relying on having a great product, she’s created a really compelling sales strategy that connects with her audience and compels them to buy.

The outcome of her approach means that her revenue is scaling up rapidly at a time when many eCommerce brands are struggling.

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