Just recently, I started working with a brand owner who I first spoke to about 3 years ago. Back then, she wasn’t keen to invest in learning, instead deciding to try and grow her revenue a bit more first before taking the leap.

Fast forward to two months ago and her revenue had not grown at all. She was still stuck at the same level as 3 years ago! 

Since working with us two months ago, she’s learned a lot, gained knowledge and developed new skills. 

And her revenue has exploded 70% year on year. She has literally paid for an entire year’s worth of coaching with us in the space of two months thanks to the revenue growth she’s already achieved! 

What this comes down to is the difference in ROI on learning: 

Identifying exactly what knowledge and skills she needs to acquire that’ll have the biggest and fastest impact on her growth, investing in those, taking fast action to implement them, and then having a method of calculating her return on investment.

Let’s break it down in this episode so that you can enjoy a similar transformation as well.

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