Do you remember how it felt at the start of your business journey? You’re excited, motivated, energised, ambitious, optimistic. Like you can conquer the world!

And here’s how it often feels when you get going: WTF was I thinking? I can’t do this! I’m utterly exhausted, have NFI what to do next & I cannot possibly work any harder than this. 

We start to despair that we can ever achieve our goals. We lose faith that things will ever change for the better. We start to believe our current reality is our forever reality…

If you’re getting traffic to your website, but not generating enough sales…

Or you’re stuck at the same revenue and can’t seem to break through to the next level…

This episode is for you! In fact, I’ve got a 2-part-series coming up for you of two mini-trainings that work together. 

If your sales are languishing, or just not growing to achieve your sales targets, then you definitely need to stop doing some things that aren’t working the same way they used to, and start doing some things differently so that you can match your customers where they are right now.

In this episode, we share some of the current trends in eCommerce as well as some of the common mistakes eCom brands are making a lot right now, and how these things might be impacting your business. Along with some tips and strategies to overcome them.

Next week, we’ll pick things up again and go through some of the specific business and marketing strategies you can and should be doing to overcome these challenges and get your business back to growth. Even in today’s tough economy.

Let’s dive into part 1…

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