In the last couple of months, it seems as though every single digital marketing platform we need to use for our Ecommerce businesses have all been rolling out major updates.

And Klaviyo is no exception. And whilst new functionality is designed to deepen the integration with your online store and help you make more money, the changes do tend to disrupt performance in the short term.

The automated flows in most, if not all, Klaviyo accounts I’ve reviewed in recent weeks have taken a downward turn.

Flows like your New Subscriber Welcome flow and your Abandoned Cart flow – usually the biggest money spinners – have declined.

And that is not a situation you want to allow to continue! 

So in this episode, we will discuss 4 steps you can take to make more money from your automated flows in Klaviyo.

And if you haven’t taken a look at your Klaviyo flows in recent months (or years in the case of many accounts I audit), then use this episode as your kick up the bum to get in there today.

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