If I had a dollar for every time during the last couple of months that I heard an entrepreneur say something like, ‘I haven’t changed anything but sales have dropped off a cliff’, I’d probably make it onto the Rich List.

Well, maybe not that, but in all seriousness, it does feel a bit like the Digital Marketing Sky is Falling In.

Not to be too Chicken Little about it!

Right now, there is no denying the seismic shifts that are going on, between the inflationary economy and the massive changes happening across all digital marketing platforms.

Both these factors are wreaking havoc with all businesses. Everyone is feeling the impact, and it’s not exactly comfortable is it?

When that happens, we need to shift and change how we show up in our business and with our marketing. What strategy we deploy, what we focus on or don’t focus on.

And that’s what I’ll be sharing in this episode: the 6 golden rules of marketing that will equip you to survive and thrive in this 2024 economy.

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