Acquiring new customers at a profit, and keeping them coming back again and again, is essential if you want to grow your business.

Without it, you won’t have the cashflow or the profitability to sustain your business, because those two things – cash flow and profits – are like blood and oxygen to your business.

However, the way you go about acquiring and retaining customers will be different depending on what kind of product or service you sell. And most likely, it’ll change over time as the world we operate in changes.

From time to time, I’ve found a really valuable exercise is to analyse what some of the most successful brands and companies are doing, and to compare and contrast them with others and with my own businesses.

When you do this kind of exercise, not only can you come away with some fantastic new ideas to try out in your own business.

But you’ll also notice that even the most successful businesses in the world don’t experience a straight upwards growth curve from start-up to success. 

So today on the show, we’re going to dissect the Netflix business model and we’re going to  tease out 6 specific components that contribute to their success that you might be able to emulate.

We’ll also compare these to other brands as well, to identify the type of business or product that best suits each strategy.

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