Using Facebook Ads has been a tried-and-true method of increasing traffic and sales for eCommerce businesses over many years now. But, it’s never without issues along the way… 

I’m sure we all know the frustration when you invest the time, energy, and money into ads that either don’t produce the expected results, OR that suddenly take a nosedive for no apparent reason.

The truth is, many business owners run into the problem of their Facebook ads not converting. 

Lately, Facebook has been rolling out a lot of new updates to the Ads platform, many of which have caused issues with campaigns that were otherwise performing well.

And whilst there is no playbook that Meta hands out – Meta are notoriously silent when it comes to sharing any kind of information about what they’re doing and how it impacts the way we use the platforms – so there’s no foolproof guide for troubleshooting issues when they happen.

However, long experience tells me there are several steps you can take to bring your ad performance back where you need it to be.

So in this episode, I’ll share 10 fixes you can implement when your Facebook ads are broken or stop converting.

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