In the increasingly busy digital landscape we operate in as brand owners and eCommerce businesses, it’s harder and harder to capture the attention of your customers.

Think of the last time you spent time on social media. How many pieces of content did you notice? Did you scroll past most of it? What was it that actually stopped you scrolling?

One of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter is through brand design.

I don’t mean just your logo. A logo is only one small part of your branding. 

Think about the brands whose marketing you really notice and engage with. They all have a distinct personality. 

Their visual, written and experiential elements all consistently convey the brand personality and brand value.

And they manage to produce marketing content that is engaging, memorable and inspires action – purchase.

In this episode, I’m joined by brand designer Janelle and we dissect the branding of 4 successful brands, teasing out what it is that helps them connect with their customers. 

At the end, we have a fun, free exercise you can do to help identify your own brand’s personality and style, so that you can also elevate your marketing to the next, more impactful level.

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