4 Game-Changing Ways to Gain Massive Brand Growth

It’s often the case that entrepreneurs launch their brands feeling as though they’ve done the hard work by actually getting their product to launch. 

But while designing and manufacturing a product and getting it to market is no small feat, the real hard work of growing a business is yet to happen.

Building an audience. Gaining brand awareness. Getting customers to actually buy your product – not just once, but over and over again to produce consistent and growing revenues.

None of that stuff is easy. Often it’s a bit boring. There are frequent problems and disappointments and issues that require solving. 

There are certain ingredients we must have in order to sustain motivation and productivity over the long-haul, which is necessary if we want to experience lasting success.

And certain strategies we need to employ consistently if we want to build brand awareness, create demand for our products and convert paying customers.

Your eCommerce business and the success and profitability of your digital marketing, requires all of these ingredients, which is the topic of today’s episode.

Today on the show I’m joined by Raph McGowan, founder of innovative Aussie brand Bakslap.

Since launching only a few years ago, Bakslap has experienced some rapid growth and is now primed to take some major international markets by storm.

There are four key takeaways I want you to take away from this conversation, that could really help ignite massive brand visibility and fuel faster growth in your own business.

Starting with passion and purpose, the two ingredients that fuel Raph’s motivation through all the ups and downs, as well as forming the basis of the stories and content that capture and engage his audience’s attention.

And then the two key strategies – public, grass-roots events and partnerships – take those stories to the masses, giving Raph and Bakslap the kind of brand awareness that a successful eCommerce business needs to leverage in order to scale and grow.

Aside from creating this incredibly successful venture, Raph is also humble and clearly enjoys what he does every day. His positivity is quite infectious! 

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