Drive Ecommerce Growth Through SEO in an AI-Powered World

While the ultimate aim of an eCommerce business is to generate revenue, the name of the game is TRAFFIC.

Without traffic first, without getting eyeballs onto your website, nothing else matters and your business will remain the world’s best kept secret.

But, not all traffic is equal and getting quality traffic at a profit is harder than it used to be.

To scale and grow a profitable online store, you need a mix of three kinds of traffic: owned – from your own database, such as Klaviyo; paid – which is advertising; and earned – earning organic search traffic being the main strategy there.

You want to aim for 40% of your traffic and sales coming from organic traffic, and when you do a great job of this you’ll generally find that your conversion rate from this traffic is higher than most other channels, probably with the exception of your email marketing.

To get more organic traffic, though, requires working on SEO. And unfortunately, this activity is something you need to work on regularly and consistently.

It’s also the kind of digital marketing that evolves over time, as new technologies and platforms come into play and as consumer behaviour changes.

So today on the show, I’ve invited Karen from my team onto the show. Karen is what I like to call an SEO queen, and she’s going to share details around the top 5 SEO trends for eCommerce businesses in 2024, and how you can incorporate them into your marketing.

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