One of the biggest frustrations a lot of eCommerce brands struggle with is the constant need to produce creative content.

Typically, photography, graphic design and copywriting is not a core skill set, and so it becomes a time-consuming chore frequently procrastinated over.

But if you find yourself always on the back foot, trying to produce some content for social media, or for a major promotion, you’ll know the stress this causes!

Unfortunately, this kind of scenario leads to content that’s just “thrown up for the sake of having something there”, rather than content that’s strategically planned and intentional.

And this leads to sub-standard results from ad campaigns, email campaigns, and any other marketing efforts.

With the way digital platforms now work, we all need to be producing and sharing new creative content on a much more regular basis.

The way algorithms work requires fresh creative content in order to engage viewers and produce the best results.

Meaning, in order to convert sales at the highest, most profitable rate possible, we all need to be producing more new content, more frequently.

And this requires a systematic approach to content creation in order to achieve your growth goals.

In this podcast episode, I explain how I approach this and give you a step-by-step guide to building a content creation system in your own business, designed to help you achieve your revenue targets. (Preferably without as much hustle and overwhelm!)

Let’s dive in…

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