Over the last year or so, it’s gotten harder and harder to generate profitable results from paid advertising. 

Increased competition from the rapid growth in businesses shifting online and vying for limited ad inventory has driven ad costs up.

And the way the ad algorithm has changed means that campaigns require a certain number of conversion events in order to optimise.

Without the data from those conversion events, the campaigns don’t exit the learning phase.

And results suffer as a result. 

The trouble is – as eCommerce businesses, we still need to use paid ads to drive traffic to our store.

Without it, our store dwindles into obscurity. Or at the very least, suffers from very unpredictable traffic and sales. 

& I don’t think anyone wants to turn themselves into a dancing monkey just to get some kind of traction with organic social media. (Even then, the return on effort is often pretty dismal and inconsistent…)

The good news is that there IS something you can do that has a profound impact on your results from paid advertising. 

Both in terms of number of purchases as well as your return on ad spend.

And that’s what I share in this episode! Let’s dive in…

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