I think the word that best describes this year is bruising…

For newer and more established businesses alike, this year has presented several challenges that have made it more difficult to operate (let alone profit!)

From the drop in demand for online ordering when lock-downs ended.

To the increased costs (of production, operations, distribution, even ad costs have skyrocketed!)

To say it’s become a lot harder to convert and profit with that change of consumer behaviour would be an understatement!

The good thing is, I’ve been able to combat this market reality and produce some major wins for clients, some of whom posted their biggest months in November.

It does require you to approach your marketing a little differently, but we’re not completely reinventing the wheel here.

In this episode, I share more details around what’s really going on in the market to lead to a drop in results.

And, I share the two key strategies you will need to master in order to profit and thrive in 2024.

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If you’d like help to achieve your goals in 2024 I invite you to have a chat to find out how we can make that happen together.


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