If you’ve ever wondered, “What incentives should I offer for my Black Friday promotion?”

Or, “What kind of offers are working the best right now to generate sales?”

Or even, “How can I get more people buying from me right now?” 

If you’ve been puzzling over those questions lately, then chances are you’re one of the 95% of eCommerce business owners who haven’t quite mastered the most important step in your marketing…

What is that magical step, you might be wondering?

It’s not magic. It’s a deliberate and intentional review process.

Ugh. Boring I hear the crowd say…

Trust me, I will make it interesting for you 😉

The exercise I walk you through in this episode is probably one of the most powerful things you can learn to do in terms of influencing your business’ growth.

In the episode, I refer to a couple of past podcasts and other resources – you’ll find links for those below.

By the end of this episode, I promise you will be itching to sit down with pen and paper and document your insights from your latest promotion!


Links mentioned in this episode:

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Podcast episode 174, “Make Millions With Magic Metrics” https://www.catherinelangman.com/episode-174/

Blog, “How To Run Meta Ads That Convert Like Crazy”


Ecommerce Planner Book:


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