It’s no secret that this has been a pretty tough year for many, both as business owners and personally.

I think sometimes when we experience challenging times, especially as a small business owner, it can sometimes feel pretty isolating like you’re not cut out for this because you’re finding it so hard.

In times like that it can be comforting to hear that others around you who you maybe look up to or view as being maybe more successful, also find the same or similar things challenging as you.

It’s especially comforting to know that others have solved similar problems or dealt with similar issues and been able to go on to achieve success.

One thing that we do in our business is to collect a lot of data.

We’re always conducting market research about our audience,

And because we collect this data, we’re able to draw insights from it and work out what are the common themes or common struggles that eCommerce businesses are experiencing right now.

So today on the show I really wanted to share with you what those common themes and struggles are, how some of our clients are dealing with them and thriving, and share some details about what they’re doing to get there.

To help me unpack this topic I’m joined by our super smart and strategic Brand Growth Advisor, Chelsea Papadopoulos.

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