Hands up if you’re finding it challenging trying to get consistent traffic and sales in your online store right now?

Or finding it overwhelming trying to figure out how to get your digital marketing dialled in and really converting consistently?

I’ve been speaking to a lot of eCommerce business owners recently – recent start-ups as well as seasoned veterans – who are experiencing these things right now.

And they all ask me the same question: is it just them, or are customers still buying? Is it actually possible to get good revenue results right now?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. We’ve got clients who are growing and posting record months in terms of revenue.

But that doesn’t happen for people who are still doing things the way they were even at the start of this year, let alone the same as last year. 

The pace of change in the digital landscape has certainly accelerated this year, which is what’s so very frustrating for so many and leads to feelings of overwhelm and fear and lack of confidence! 

Trust me, I totally get it. I still struggle with those feelings too from time to time, but fortunately now I have some strategies to pull me out of that kind of downward emotional spiral much faster.

Today on the show, I really want to share with you the approach to digital marketing that we’re finding is necessary to get great results right now, and that’s what is called an Omnichannel approach.

By the end of this episode, you’ll hopefully have a really solid understanding of what this means and how you would approach it in your own business, as well as some better clarity and confidence around your own performance metrics and how you can influence them as well.

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