Of course, we all want to jump on new trends. 

It’s literally human nature.

When we see something new that’s working particularly effectively for others, we want to roll it out in our own businesses. That’s normal, right? And for a while, it’ll work. 

But when something new and trendy reaches peak, mass adoption, it stops getting the cut through and stops getting noticed by people, and therefore becomes less effective. 

Which – in the context of your marketing efforts to try and generate traffic and sales in your online store – basically means you don’t get the cut through.

So today on the show, I’m actually going to talk about one really fun way to actually create marketing that gets cut through and engagement with your audience.

We actually utilise various forms of this strategy with many of our clients in our agency.

So what is this strategy?

It’s gamification.

We love playing games because they fulfil our natural needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness.

The built-in reward systems combined with compelling storytelling are what makes games so engrossing. They intrigue us. And in recent years, marketers have realised the power of using gaming-related elements in creating brand awareness and engagement.

So in this episode, I’m going to explain what gamification is and the psychology behind how gamified experience designs motivate users to specific actions, as well as examples of gamified marketing, from simple and easy to get up and running, to the more elaborate.

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