The Challenges & Strategies That Saw This Brand Grow From Tiny Startup To Multi-Million Dollar Success.

Wouldn’t it be great if being a business owner came with a roadmap? 

Something you could follow so you could avoid any of those difficulties and enjoy constant uninterrupted progress?

You wish! (Well, we all hoped that would be the case) 

But sorry to break it to you…

Building a business is never straightforward or simple and we all face challenges or problems we have to figure out along the way. 

When we first start our business, a lot of entrepreneurs start out with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. They’re inspired and motivated by this and so they will often have some momentum as a result. 

Sadly I don’t have a magic wand that can remove all obstacles for you, but I do have maybe the next best thing.

And that’s today’s guest who has successfully built a multi-million dollar business over the last 8 years.

Diana Swadling from Milkbar Breastpumps. 

Something I want you to know about Diana’s approach before you listen to her story, is that she was always keen to learn the next growth systems and strategies herself so she could understand what needed to be done and how it should be done, and then she would grow her team and delegate. 

And this is so important to master as you grow, because you can’t keep adding things to your plate without ever taking anything off it

So sit down and get comfortable while we chat to Diana about the challenges and the strategies she’s used to help her grow and level up over the last few years, to the point now where she’s ranged in hundreds of retailers and has a thriving eCommerce business as well.

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The Challenges & Strategies That Saw This Brand Grow From Tiny Startup To Multi-Million Dollar Success.