What’s the SINGLE most important thing in ANY eCommerce business? 

One word: TRAFFIC.

As we all know, without traffic – literally nothing else happens.

No visitors to your website…

No customers adding products to their cart…

No orders checking out… 

Now of COURSE it’s not just about generating ANY traffic. It’s about generating the RIGHT traffic. Traffic that is HIGH QUALITY &  PROFITABLE…

And the go-to place over the past few years to generate that traffic for an eCommerce business has been Facebook and Instagram.

Yet it’s never been more challenging to generate HIGH QUALITY… PROFITABLE traffic on Facebook and Instagram.

So…if you’re running ads and not getting the results you want…

Then this episode is gonna be a must-listen.

Facebook and Instagram are STILL the go-to traffic platforms, with billions of regular users on these platforms, and for most online stores, it can still be a crucial part of your traffic and sales strategy.

And it’s definitely a big part of OUR strategy.

We spent over $1 MILLION this year, on our own ads and clients’ ads…testing, tweaking, and refining…and guess what?

Despite ad costs skyrocketing by 300% compared to a year ago…

We’ve actually been able to cut our cost per purchase by more than 25% and improved ROAS by 35% on Meta ad traffic within just 30 days…

Which means we’re able to make MORE revenue while spending less on ads and generating a much bigger return on ad spend.

Sound exciting?

Well today is your lucky day. In this episode, I’ll give you a step by step breakdown of EXACTLY which levers we pulled inside of Meta to get such incredible results.

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