Ecommerce + Wholesale: How This Gift Brand Got It Right With Amanda Legovich From Bell Art.

Recently, a friend of mine who owns a Shopify retail store was telling me about their experience of being in a group coaching program alongside a number of her suppliers. 

And the mentor was advising her stockist brands to run big discount promotions direct to their own customers online, literally undercutting their stockists who were also in this group hearing this advice.

I reckon if you’re a business owner on either side of that brand / retailer divide, you probably don’t want to have that kind of experience.

But, as much as retailers might think it is, the answer to this situation is actually not for the brand to stop marketing or selling direct to consumers. 

A brand who does a great job with marketing online actually LIFTS the retail sales for both themselves and for their retail stockists. 

They just won’t achieve that by running big discount promotions.

Today on the show I’m joined by one of our fabulous clients, Amanda from Bell Art, which is a stunning Australian gift ware brand. 

Bell Art has been around for many years, starting off as a wholesale-only business model.

And for a long time, Amanda feared that adding a direct to consumer eCommerce sales channel into her business would hurt her relationship with her stockists and cannibalise her wholesale sales revenues.

But in actual fact, the opposite has happened. Her revenue across both eCommerce DTC and wholesale channels have all grown exponentially this year. It’s been a very successful growth strategy for her.

So I’m really excited to welcome Amanda onto the show to share her success story of running direct to consumer alongside her successful wholesale channels. 

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Ecommerce + Wholesale: How This Gift Brand Got It Right With Amanda Legovich From Bell Art.