If ever there was a trendy bandwagon that everyone and their mother’s uncle’s dog is jumping on to try and make money from you, it is ChatGPT

Unfortunately, with all the hype surrounding ChatGPT and other AI tools right now, there are people who think this is a magic tool that will completely transform their business and make them truckloads more money without the need for actually growing a team. 

Obviously, the internet completely transformed our lives. It’s changed the way we live and work. It’s made old industries obsolete and helped bring new industries to life. 

So if AI has the potential to create similar change, then we’d all better buckle up because it could be a wild ride.

The key for me is learning how to actually use these incredibly powerful tools to help in a positive way, without losing the authenticity of your brand or the real human connection with your audience. 

How can we use these tools to help us be more innovative and efficient? 

How can we use them to get a better result for ourselves in our business as well as for our customers?

How can we make sure that we don’t just tie ourselves to the notion that these tools are about fitting more busy work into our day?

Sure, we all want to be as efficient and as productive as possible, but I don’t think any of us can innovate or come up with new ideas that might actually transform the way we do business, 

If we are literally busy all day every day, that leaves absolutely no time for creative thinking.

So with that said, I do believe there are ways you can use these tools really well to your advantage.

As well as things you should probably avoid if you want to leverage AI to create long-term positive impact in your business.

So strap in as I go through my top 3 suggestions for how you should use ChatGPT in your marketing, and 1 thing to avoid!

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