How To Identify Your Most Profitable Customers

So tell me, do you treat all your customers equally? 

This is not the time to be like a parent who loves all their children equally… 

You SHOULD love some customers more than others. 

Let me explain. And in the process, I’ll give you some insight into your customers, and explain how to build your business around your best buyers.

Why you should play favourites with your customers

Those of you who know me know that caffeine practically runs in my veins. I’ve been a coffee lover for as long as I can remember. (Starting out with decaf iced coffees that I made as a little kid!)

13 years ago I bought my beloved Italian-made espresso machine. I called her my 3rd child, until I actually had a 3rd child… 

Since then, I’ve bought a lot of coffee products: coffee grinders, brushes, tampers, beautiful coffee cups and jars – the list goes on. I even bought a professional coffee-making course! 

But I didn’t buy all this at once. It happened over time.

The place I initially bought all my products from educated me about coffee using engaging content – I would read their emails, watch their videos, sometimes I would visit them in-store, and I would buy. And buy. And buy. 

Clearly, selling coffee products to me is easy, and I’m a profitable customer 

I became what’s called a hyper-consumer. And these are the people who drive your sales forwards. They are the backbone of your business.

But I don’t see that many eCommerce brands working as hard as they should to identify their own hyper-consumers.

Listen as I share my process for identifying your most profitable customers

Listen now.

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