Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re running from one task to the next?

Right from the minute you open your eyes in the morning, you’re go go go. 

Yeah me too. 

Trying to respond to customer enquiries, create and post stuff to socials, pick and pack orders, figure out what should go in your next email newsletter. 

Just trying to chip away at some other big project…

I mean the list goes on right?

How good would it feel to be able to share some of that load, and still know that everything would be done to the same high standard that you have?

Well today’s your lucky day because in today’s episode I’m joined by a guest, Michelle who is the owner of VA agency Outsourcing Crew. 

It hasn’t always been easy in the past finding a VA, or virtual assistant, who is good at what they do. 

Someone that knows their way around the kinds of tasks and apps and platforms that you need to do and use in an eCommerce business. 

But this is a sector that is growing rapidly, and for good reason. You can’t hope to scale and grow your business if you keep doing everything yourself – I promise you’ll burnout if you do that! 

So I’m excited to share this conversation with you, where we’ll tackle topics like how to figure out what tasks you should delegate, how to actually make sure your assistant does things to your standards and meets your expectations, and more. 

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