What would you say is the dirtiest problem in eCommerce?

And no, that’s not a trick question!

The answer, of course, is waste. 

The glamorous topic of waste in eCommerce is an important one, as it’s a huge by-product of any eCommerce business or brand manufacturing physical products. 

From the packaging that products go into when they come off the production line, or the packaging you use to wrap, pack and send orders out to your customers. 

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the need for packaging, as hard as we may try to reduce it!

This is something I grappled with in my own eCommerce business. At the time, it was almost impossible  to get away from the non-eco-friendly shipping satchels. 

Which is why I’m really excited to welcome my guest to the show today – Kate Bezar, co-founder of Better Packaging Co.

She talks to us about the inspiration for their products and the clever strategies that helped them to go viral, as well as some of the more challenging experiences along the way.

Tune in to listen to this inspiring conversation with Kate, and hear how simple it is to make a difference to the environment as well as your social impact in the world – simply because of your choice in package. 

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