No-one is motivated to receive more newsletters!

Okay, maybe we started off a bit harsh there…

But when you’re growing your SMS & Email list, this is a hard fact you NEED to know.

So again, for the people in the back! 

A newsletter is not the most effective way to convert new subscribers into buyers. 

And for the people who thought they were spared….

No, a discount is also not the only way of offering value to your target market. 

Yes, it’s a nice enticement for someone who is ready to buy right now, but it’s not the only way to grow your email list.

You have to think of your online store, like a physical store where most people will come to visit but they’re probably not gonna buy right away. So you have to prepare to keep them engaged throughout their entire buyer journey. 

This is why it is imperative that you entice as many of these website visitors to subscribe to your list as possible. 

When it comes to actually enticing people to subscribe, there are a multitude of different ways you can grow your list.

Most brands aren’t doing a very good job of this though. 

Of course, the bigger your list is, the more you can amplify and grow your results. 

And once you have them on your list, you can then use the power of Klaviyo to convert more of those browsers and subscribers into actual buyers. On autopilot. 

So, If you choose to skip the chance to nurture your customer when they trust you with their email address, you are missing an incredibly valuable opportunity to gain a customer for life.

Time to strap in while I touch on 5 awesome benefits you’ll enjoy if you master email and SMS marketing.

And, 3 effective ways (besides discounts & newsletters) you can use to grow your email list!


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