Want to squeeze as much juice (revenue) as possible out of the last few weeks of this financial year? 

You may be considering running a clearance or mid-year sale (affectionately known as an EOFYS).

As you know, it’s not my preference to run sales and discounts all the time, but there definitely are times of the year when it can be a good idea to do so, and this is it!  

There are many benefits to running an EOFYS:

  • You can sell off end-of-season or last season’s stock.
  • Clear slow-selling lines or odd or less popular sizes.
  • Encourage new customers to trial your products for the first time by retargeting people who have visited specific product pages in your online store.
  • Or you can reward existing loyal customers or re-engage lapsed customers who haven’t bought from you in a while.

But to benefit from the enormous potential of this strategy, you need to follow the right steps.

Otherwise, your efforts will fall short and you’ll still be stuck counting a bunch of slow-moving old stock for the tax man… 

So, want to find out how you can have the biggest impact and pocket as much cashola as possible?

Let’s dive in!

I’m gonna share 5 steps to really boost your revenue and profits right now. WITHOUT wasting a fortune on expensive ads!

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