Are you finding it difficult to navigate the complex web of finding a manufacturer that meets your business needs? One that can start small and grow with you?

Because I know I did when I first started out! 

I remember when I was working on launching my first brand, back in 2007.

Back then, it was so incredibly difficult to find a manufacturer – ANY manufacturer! Let alone one who was happy to start with us when we were small, but who could also scale with us as we grew. 

Boy was that learning curve extremely steep…

I had to learn each step of the process – from design to prototyping, to production, to quality control, to shipping and customs… Each had their own challenges. 

And I reckon I probably made every mistake in the book!

If only I had today’s guest Angela Halkiotis from Garment and Product Solutions to guide me through this process. 

Angela offers an end-to-end custom manufacturing solution, looking after clients who are just starting out all the way to bigger brands manufacturing at scale. 

So get comfy and listen in, while we cover the ins and outs of the whole process as well as the main mistakes you really want to try and avoid making when designing and producing your products. 

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