Does the thought of running social media ads have you feeling like Mr Zuck is opening your wallet, fleecing all your money and then some, and then closing it without even so much as a ‘here’s a customer for you’? 

If so…then this episode is for you!

Something we should all do regularly is review how profitable your marketing and advertising currently is. 

I recently did a bit of an expenses audit – part of which was reviewing which expenses to keep and what to cut. 

But – more importantly – it was also about identifying where the ROI was coming from, where I could spend more to make more, AND where the ROI could be improved with a bit of effort.

I highly encourage you to do this exercise too, particularly if you spend money on marketing and advertising related platforms like Klaviyo and social media advertising. 

Because chances are you are sometimes tempted to cut those things, when in fact you should treat them like an investment with the view to trying to maximise your returns as much as possible.

To that end, I want to share a bit of a case study about a recent client of ours, who has a brand in the Mum and Baby space, and was struggling with her ads. 

She was already a multi-6-figure brand, but her revenue growth had plateaued and her ads were not very profitable.

It was costing her a lot more than it should to generate the revenue she was making – but with the right efforts we were quickly able to turn that around.

Let’s dive in! Listen & watch now where I’ll share 5 things you can look at to help you improve the profitability of your social media advertising.

Client Results #1

Client Results #2

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