Have you ever run a social media competition? Or wanted to?

If so — did you do it to gain more followers or page likes?

Or did you do it to sell more product in your online store?

In my opinion — as an eCommerce store, you shouldn’t run a giveaway purely to gain followers.

Because more followers rarely equates to an increase in sales…

Are you making this big mistake?

There is a common mistake I see brands make ALL the time when it comes to running competitions and giveaways.

And that is — the assumption that gaining followers will automatically result in an increase in website traffic and sales in your online store.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case!

Here’s what to do instead…

Listen as I share my step-by-step training on running a giveaway that achieves 3 key objectives:

  1. How to attract and warm up an audience of people who really want your stuff
  2. How to build your email list, and
  3. How to sell more product

Listen now.

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