How An Office Waste Problem Led To This Popular Invention

Have you ever heard that old saying that Necessity is the Mother of all Invention?

That was truly the case with my guest today, Michelle from PaperSaver who, alongside her husband, turned an office waste problem into a new, popular invention! 

I think it’s a similar genesis story for many of you actually – as it was for me too. Struggling with a specific problem, not finding a solution to it already available on the market, so taking on the challenge of making something new that would do the job. 

Of course, then there are a whole bunch of common challenging experiences that we all go through, from finding good quality manufacturers, figuring out the business model so you can actually make money, and of course getting your brand in front of people so you can build awareness and demand for your stuff.

Michelle had the additional challenge that comes from the fact that their products are completely new and different. They basically created a whole new category in the market. So let’s welcome Michelle onto the show and hear her share her story about the journey of PaperSaver and How an office waste problem led to an eco product invention! 

Listen now or watch below.

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How An Office Waste Problem Led To This Popular Invention