The Success Behind The Grow Journal

If you’re a Mum or a Teacher, you might already know this brand, but if you don’t then you’ll want to, I promise!

The Grow Journal started their journey by having an idea for journals designed for kids and teens in mind, packed full of content to help kids and teens to develop resilience, to have positive mindsets, have higher self-esteem and just generally higher levels of emotional well-being!

They’ve gone from strength to strength and have massively grown their business in the last couple of years. Of course, not without challenges and problems, and also of course they still have bigger goals and dreams to pursue.  

I love this conversation because these wonderful women share some practical strategies for developing a positive mindset and problem-solving capabilities – necessary skills for entrepreneurs! They embody the concepts they teach in their journals, and it’s absolutely clear that they really love what they do. Their joy is infectious! 

Tune in to hear our delightful conversation where we talk about the exciting journey and success behind Grow Journal. 

Listen now or watch below.

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