International Womens Day 2023

This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is ‘Cracking the code: innovation for a gender equal future’. 

Growing up, I was taught to believe that girls and women had an equal right to education and opportunities in the work place. However soon after university and at the start of my career I realised that the reality was not even close to women having equal opportunities.

Let’s look at the stats for 2022:

– We still have an over 13% gender pay gap. Meaning, for every $1 a bloke earns, women earn just 87c.

– Women comprise 51% of the Australian workforce, but represent only:

– 34.5% of key management positions

– 32.5% of directors

– 19.4% of CEOs, only 7% of which are in publicly listed companies

– 18% of board chairs

– Two thirds of businesses were started by women over the last 10 years, but men are 3.5x more likely to reach the million dollars a year revenue mark.

Not exactly equal right?

Today’s interview isn’t just about tech and code or even about e-commerce. But it is about highlighting the injustices that are still in our everyday lives, as women, even in 2023. And to inspire all of us to remember that as entrepreneurs we can make a difference. And the importance of women supporting women and ensuring we have strong female role models.

Today’s guest not only talks the talk but she walks the walk. Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk, founder of start up HerTechPath, joins me on the podcast today to talk about the challenges faced within the tech industry and women in general and how her start-up, HerTechPath is turning that around.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with us and be inspired by the future with Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk.

Bio for Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk

Dr Eva Balan-Vnuk is Founder of HerTechPath, established in 2016 with the mission to celebrate and inspire careers for women and girls in tech, cyber and STEM. With the tech industry now influencing and informing every part of our lives, HerTechPath members deliver free interactive workshops to girls in schools to showcase the diversity of career options available to them in this growing and exciting industry. Learn more about how you can get involved on our website

Eva is an experienced executive, having worked with Microsoft for 14 year in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, including State Director for the South Australian branch, and is SA Government’s Chief Information Officer in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet SA. Eva has a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship from the University of Adelaide, and serves as a Trustee for the History Trust of South Australia, and is a Director for Novita Services.

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