risk management for ecommerce

Today I want to talk to you about risk.  I know, I know!  Risk isn’t the most fun topic for business owners BUT how often have you heard of a business going along swimmingly and then suddenly losing everything?

I know we like to think it won’t happen to us, and we just want to get to the point where we find the right strategies that work for us and have them working perfectly and then continue as is into the sunset of success.

But… what happens when your one channel on social media shuts your account down? 

What happens if your one supplier suddenly goes belly up? 

What happens if you only have one method for selling your product and it suddenly gets taken away from you?

Scary right? But it’s definitely not something new and if anything, I’m hearing it become more and more common for eCommerce brands. We’ve certainly become resilient from pandemic-related lockdowns and supply issues over the past few years however we certainly haven’t seen the end of changes that we have absolutely zero control over! 

So today on the show, I’m going to share 3 areas of your business where putting all your eggs in one basket is really risky and what you should do instead to improve your odds of success.

Listen today to find out how you can mitigate risk in your business and not put all your eggs in one basket! 

Listen now or watch below.

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