Life After Outsourcing

What to focus on after outsourcing

How are you spending your time in your business at the moment?

If you’re in the first year or two of your business you’re probably wearing ALL the biz hats – which is very normal when you’re in start up mode and learning all the ropes and saving your biggest resource, money.

However, when it comes to growing your business there comes a time when you’re most essential resource becomes your own time and expertise. In order for you to scale, you need to be spending your time on action items that will move your business forward.

And here is where many brand owners get stuck… How do you know what those action items are? 

To help me unpack this topic, I’m welcoming one of my colleagues Narelle Spencer back onto the show. Narelle is a really talented eCommerce growth strategist and helps a number of our clients scale their business, and she’s also been a business owner herself for many years. And with those two perspectives, she can bring a lot of experience and wisdom to this conversation. 

Today we talk about:

The difference between outsourcing and delegating
What you need to do to prepare for best success with your new outsourcing team or delegate
How to find the tasks in your business that need to be done but don’t need to be done by YOU.
What to focus on once you HAVE outsourced, and what NOT to focus on!

Listen today and discover how to focus on what needs doing by you to scale your brand!

Listen now or watch below.

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