With Corrina Lyndsay from Bird On The Hill Designs

What are some of the challenges you’re facing in business now? Or that you’ve had to deal with along your entrepreneurial journey?

A lot of the time, people come to me because they’re stuck with how to grow their business. They need help with the sales and marketing, to get more traffic and sales consistently in their online store. 

But I know from personal experience that there are many more hurdles on the way to starting and growing your business.

In the beginning, validating your concept, making sure there’s demand for your stuff, and figuring out what makes you different or better than the competition. 

Getting finance to start and grow, especially if you’re footing production bills. 

Learning the tech side of Ecommerce. 

The list goes on of course. 

I think starting a business in a regional town has added complexities to it, especially on the logistics side. 

Corrina from Bird on the Hill Designs, a furniture painting and decorating company, joins us on this week’s podcast to share her experiences about running a business from a regional town.

I love that Corrina created her business around a creative activity she was passionate about – upscaling old furniture. 

In fact, her hobby also happens to be part of a massive trend, as thousands of others have also gotten into it as well.

Corrina’s business has grown relatively quickly, especially in the last few months, and she has some fantastic insights to share.

From building an audience, to using Pinterest to drive website traffic, to moving her business into its own premises and hiring a team.

But EVEN IF you don’t operate in a regional location, I really want you to listen to this episode and hear Corrina describe the fantastic “Challenge Promotion” she’s recently run. 

One of the hardest things for many product businesses is to get a customer over the line to try your product for the first time. 

If that’s the case, then you’ll LOVE hearing all about Corrina’s Challenge promo!

Listen online now.

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