Building Brand Awareness With Social Media

This month I’m dedicating to the theme of building brand visibility and growing your engaged audience. 

February can kinda be a tricky month as it’s in between seasons. We’ve finished Christmas and Back To School and there’s a little lull until Autumn or Easter promos start to kick off.

So what to do? This is the perfect month to be working on your brand visibility! 

Because what you work on now will help you enjoy greater results when the sales cycle swings around again.

And the bigger the size of your engaged audience, the more you’ll make, right?

Like I always say – if people don’t know your brand exists, they ain’t gonna buy from you! 

To kick off this month’s theme, I’m going to talk about 5 social media strategies you can use to build brand awareness, build visibility and attract new people into your audience, WITHOUT spending any money on advertising. 

ALL of these strategies will also help you to enjoy better results when you DO run paid ads alongside them.

Listen today and get ready to build your brand awareness using organic social media.

Listen now or watch below.

Next, be sure to head to our Rockstar Productpreneur community to ask your #askcatherine questions! I can’t wait to hear them.

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