Why You Need To Take A Break… And How!

I see you Productpreneur. 

I see you limping towards the end of 2022, with a tired mind and a tired body. 

You know you desperately need a break but you also feel that you need to put in that big last burst of effort and see out 2022 with a bang. But with little left in the tank it’s impossible to figure out what to do, let alone how to do it.

Having been there and done that for many Decembers and guiding our clients and students through the same exhaustion, I’ve come up with a strategy for you to consider. To have a much needed break for yourself and your loved ones AND to round out 2022 with a profitable campaign.

Today I’m going to share with you:

  • The importance of taking a break over the holiday period 
  • How your creativity can and will return 
  • Why you should consider a Boxing Day campaign
  • And how to make that happen while you’re on that all important break!

2023 is going to need us to be refreshed, creative and energetic. So find out how to take that much needed break and be ready for the year ahead.

Listen today to discover the strategy that will allow you to see 2022 out with a bang AND take a holiday!

Listen now or watch below.

Next, be sure to head to our Rockstar Productpreneur community to ask your #askcatherine questions! I can’t wait to hear them.

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Why You Need To Take A Break… And How!