How to calculate your ROI on Klaviyo

Today I get to talk about one of my favourite subjects, email marketing!

But it’s really a double hit combo of favourite subjects as I’m going to be talking about email marketing AND data… and for all those who may have been following my content for a while you know that these two topics get me more excited than my coffee machine!

In previous episodes I’ve talked about how email marketing helps you reach your audience and grow your brand but it can also significantly increase your profitability, specifically when you’re running paid ads.

Which sounds absolutely wonderful and amazing, and it really is. 

But what about just on its own: how profitable can your Klaviyo account be and how do you influence that and measure that?

We’re going to need to look at the data! 

Let’s dig in and discover how to calculate your ROI in Klaviyo and increase your email marketing performance.

Listen now or watch below.

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