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Remember the days (not that long ago!) when marketing your eCommerce business meant finding out where your audience hung out online and then putting up some Facebook ads to target those very specific audiences?

Or being able to follow your customer around the internet and place ads in front of them wherever they go?

Kinda creepy for the customer but a very easy and cost effective marketing strategy for brand owners. 

But now with over 83% of Apple users no longer allowing their internet behaviour to be tracked (yes, over 83%!)  that strategy is just going to drain your cash.

And with each platform fighting to contribute the sale to THEIR metrics, how do we even know which marketing strategy is even working anymore?

“A single touch point brand does not exist anymore”

Personally I think these changes are a great step forward for both the consumer and the brand owner. But it means we need to change how we think about online marketing and be on top of what is now really important – content and multichannel marketing.

In today’s episode I’m going to be talking through what is and isn’t working right now when it comes to marketing in a cookieless world including:

  • Why single channel marketing no longer works
  • What metrics you should be collecting and how to measure it
  • What marketing strategies are working right now and
  • The importance of collecting zero-party data

Listen and find out how to build your ecommerce brand in the new online world. 

Listen or watch below.

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