7 low cost marketing ideas to boost ecommerce sales

Hands up who of you feel like they’re not progressing when it comes to growing your business or generating sales in your online store? 

Or maybe this year some of you have seen month-to-month that sales plateau or even go backwards at times? 

To be honest, that’s very normal – we all have ups and downs in our sales cycle, and there are also always going to be external factors that we can’t control that also influence our results. 

If you’re not experiencing the results you want, should you just accept it? 

No! And dwelling on “when are the sales going to come” without any real action can really play on your mindset which can contribute even more to these downturns.

I personally like to use these sort of ‘stale’ periods to get creative. Not only in terms of ideas for marketing but also to use low cost strategies that will have a great return on my effort.

So today I’m going to share 7 low cost marketing strategies that you can implement today to not only get you out of a ‘what to do’ rut but also…bring in more sales!

Listen now and discover my top 7 low cost marketing strategies to boost your online sales!

Listen now or watch below.

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