Podcast Interview with Dee Stearman

Have you ever felt that you just need that one piece of information or one skill that once mastered, will be the one thing that will transform your business into success?

Or by having that one thing, that your business journey will no longer be a struggle and all future challenges will be a breeze?

Well today, I think we’ve found that one thing! And it’s probably not what you would expect!

Dee Stearman from Roar Success joins me on the podcast today and having faced many challenges over the years throughout her multiple businesses, Dee shares her one major business lesson.

Learn to love the journey. 

Yes, even through the really big major failures. Even through the most stressful and challenging times. Because that is where the learning and growth comes from. And where business can be recreated and reimagined to create something amazing.

Master this and you’ll be resilient enough to keep going where others might stop, and to even enjoy the process along the way!

In today’s episode Dee and I cover:

  • The importance of never ‘being done’ and how to learn to love reinventing the wheel
  • Why failures in business are so important
  • How to not feel so isolated and alone in business and why it’s essential to be part of a like minded network
  • Dee’s advice for getting out there and attending expos and trade fairs
  • How to be confident throughout your business journey.

We also cover the exciting Roar Awards that are happening this year – applications close 31 July 2022!

Listen to Dee’s journey through the business ups and downs and discover how to love the process along the way.

Listen now or watch below!

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