Interview with Founder of Flora & Fauna

With Julie Mathers, Founder of Flora & Fauna

Today’s interview is a must listen.

Julie Mathers created Flora & Fauna, an online retail store selling all natural products, back in 2014 and along with her husband and team, grew it into a $15 million B-Corp certified business and a household name before selling it in 2021.

Julie very generously shares not only her personal drivers of what it takes to even dream up something this big, but she also shares some of the key factors that drove the success of this remarkable business.

“I was prepared to be different and to take a risk” Julie Mathers

What I love about this interview is the experience that Julie shares about what it really means to have a business with purpose and how to implement and communicate your key values in everything your brand does. And how this can be your brand’s biggest asset.

Listen now for inspiration from Julie Mathers to align your values with your business and create a powerful and purposeful brand.

Listen now or watch below!

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