Podcast interview with Clare Spelta from Bon Maxie

In today’s interview we’re talking to Clare Spelta from Bon Maxie who very generously shares her amazing business journey.

There are not many businesses that can manage to scale a multi-million dollar business from one handmade product which is why I’m so super impressed of the journey that Clare has taken in her business.

With every business, I really believe it is the mindset of the business owner that determines how big a brand can go and Bon Maxie is certainly an example of this. 

“Sometimes you have to go through the motions until the right opportunity presents itself”  Clare Spelta

Today Clare shares some amazing insights into her own journey that I believe many of my listeners can adapt to scale their business:

  • The origin story of Bon Maxie and the clear defining mission she has for her brand
  • How she overcome the challenges of going from one customised and handmade product to manufacturing for growth
  • What strategies she’s employed to scale her business and where she priorities her time and skills
  • The importance of the customer community for the Bon Maxie brand
  • How her and her husband manage running a business and a family together.

Listen as Clare shares the amazing growth of much loved brand, Bon Maxie. 

Listen now or watch below.

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